Saturday, August 12, 2017

Not Even Close to Catching Up...but Moving Forward!

 Last weekend BJ met up with us since this weekend (our usual meet up) she is out of town.  Always so good to see her!
 I am liking teaching high school.  Hard work but already had a parent email telling me her daughter's attitude about school has completely changed since starting ASL class. She loves it and me!  Another student told me my class was her favorite and I was her favorite teacher.  Not bad for two weeks in!  I am so excited to make a difference in these kids' lives!  So this Prince picture is me dressed for spirit week--I chose the 80's for my decade and wore my shirt from seeing Purple Rain in Minneapolis back in 84-85.  The shirt fits me again!  The green jewelry and headband (socks) are mine from the time too!  I dressed up each day and played music to match between classes.  Might as well make it fun!
 My mom and dad sent me birthday money so I promptly spent it at 35th Ave. when we went to pick up our blocks today.  I have eyed this cool baby quilt for the past few months..I bought the die to make all these animals and though I do not do applique I had to add it to my list.
 I also bought all this fabric at 40 percent off.  Mostly neutrals but some fox fabric for a gift too.  I went to Barb's to sew for the afternoon and made these blue Straits of Mackinac blocks for the Rainbow BOM for July. Yep, I am behind and I rarely get behind!
 Barb made the most recent Pat Sloan Children's Library BOM today.  I do not even have that cut (or last months' rows sewn)!


Vireya said...

Congratulations on being able to wear your 80's clothes!

Glad to hear the teaching is going well. It is a hard job, and I admire anyone who can do it.

Kathy S. said...

You look AMAZING!!! Glad you are off to a great start for the 2017-18 school year. Ours starts on 8/23. My hair has been in permanent ponytail mode since the end of May. Hope you had a great birthday. The new You looks YEARS YOUNGER. Keep up the great work. I wish I had your motivation and drive.

Marly said...

Good luck in your teaching career. I'm nearing the end of mine and I shall miss it, I know. You have sewn more blue for the RSC than I have, and they look great. have a good week.

The Joyful Quilter said...

FUN use of your birthday money!! Great to hear that you are enjoying your new job AND making a difference just 2 weeks in.

Alycia said...

How cool that you are making learning so fun for these kids!! Go yoU!!