Monday, May 29, 2017

May Catch Up!

Way behind on my blogging!  I did finish the green May blocks (Straits of Mackinac) for the Rainbow Block of the Month!  Looking forward to the next color.  I skipped the "rainbow" choice for last month so I need to pick a color Angela is not going to pick to replace it.  One of these days!
Barb quilted this beauty for me!  This is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge from 2014!  I did not include the sashings as Angela did, but I am super happy with it.  This will be for my cousin Linc and his new wife Christin's wedding gift in June.  

I also finally managed to get the center and the first border on my Betty's Choice and Amy exchange blocks!  I am working on a piano key border in all the colors for this one.  
I completed the 35th Ave. BOM for May.  Here they all are.
This is the All People Quilt UFO choice from my list this month.  I got these blocks somewhere (guild maybe) and they were mostly done.  I am not an applique person (love it but not to do myself!) so I am super happy with my quilting around all the leaf parts so hold it all down.  I think this will be for my mom for her birthday in August.
Barb gave me these cool embroidered frogs playing baseball.  Linc's older brother Luke and his wife Ashley are having their first little one, a boy and Luke LOVES baseball so I made this one to send back for him.
I am also sending  back Danny's braid for Luke and Ashley's wedding quilt (I never sent one!).  Luke and Linc's sister Crystal had a little girl so am sending London the pastel paisley quilt  made awhile back.  Not to be outdone, my other cousin Ashley had baby number three (another boy) named Knoxton a few days ago so I am sending him the nine patch and snowballs quilt.  I think that catches me up on all the gifts!
I won a blog drawing over at Stash Bandit!  This is all the loot I got!  Diane sent me two magazines with her own patterns in them.  I love the windmills in different sizes and may have to make at least one!  Thanks!


Cathy said...

Wow, there's a lot of baby-making (LOL) and quilt-making going on in your family! I love your 2014 RSC quilt and those Straits of Mackinac blocks by Bonnie. It's on my bucket list!

Deb A said...

Lots of babies in your family this year. Good thing baby quilts are small =). Love seeing that joint project you and Amy worked on. Very pretty.

The Joyful Quilter said...

It's SEW good to see that you've been quilting (even if you have been ignoring those of us who look forward to your progress reports!!)

Ariane said...

Wow! You did amazing this month! Your quilts are beautiful and your blocks wonderful!!

Cathy said...

Gosh you've been busy with some awesome projects!

Sheila said...

Great post. LOVE the colorful RSC sampler block quilt finish. It looks great without the sashing. They are going to love it, too.
You have been busy. Thanks for sharing pics.