Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Garden Party Continues and The Pumpkin Party Begins!

 Last weekend I made more Garden Party blocks and cut more. 
 I have all the blocks cut now and about 22 to go of the flower blocks.  I did not take any pictures of this weekends though.  I am going to sew at Barb's tomorrow so they are all packed up to sew there.
Bonnie's new book is out so I had to get it and her new ruler and playing cards.  Now to get it spiral bound.  So excited to have this new book in my hands.  The next picture is from I took a screenshot of Bonnie's tablerunner and decided to just see what I could make without a pattern.  First time for everything! 
I started by sewing orange strings together and trimming them up.  The one pumpkin was made from the trimmings of all the other pumpkins.
 My first happy pumpkin.  These blocks just made me smile all night!
 It all went together amazingly well since I was just eyeballing what Bonnie did and making a smaller version of it.
 The green stripy fabric is not attached.  I like the checkered border on two sides and may just put more black around it all and do the binding in the lime spiders.  Gonna sleep on it.
It was nice to get in some sewing time.  I had a migraine all weekend but triptan made the weekend bearable for the most part.
I am almost back to my 111.2 down too.  I set a goal to lose one pound a week time mid December so that I can get to ONEderland by Christmas.  I have managed to lose five pounds in five weeks since I wrote that on paper. Every time I want to eat something I remind myself I want to see that pound gone more than I want whatever it is I am trying to eat.  It really seems to be motivating me again.  YAY! 


Bente Antonsen said...

Your pumpkin runner looks great. I loved doing the Garden Party quilt totally from scraps.

Vireya said...

My "Addicted to Scraps" arrived today, too. Hooray!

Love your pumpkins, too.

The Joyful Quilter said...

My copy of Addicted to Scraps was waiting for me when I returned from Quilt Camp. FUN!! And so are your Pumpkins, BTW. Hooray for taking the "wing it" approach!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Hope you were able to finish your flower blocks! When I saw Bonnie working on these pumpkins it made me want to go on a hayride! Your version is going to be cool too!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love your pumpkin runner. you clever girl you! Love your Halloween fabrics too.