Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sewing up a Garden!

 I finished up the Garden Party flowers and then all the Green Chain Blocks and triangles.  So thrilled to finally be getting these blocks done!

 Started putting the blocks together.  I did not lay them all out but am trying to mix up colors as I go.
Stash kitty is out in the background and captured her on it the quilt below.  Garden Party is growing!

 Half the blocks are together and the other half is barely started.  Crazy work week ahead so doubt much progress will be made until next weekend, but super thrilled to think this will be done before the next Quiltville mystery starts!  Bonnie has posted the yardage and colors for En Provence!  I have been playing on Pinterest and Design Seeds trying to choose my palette.  When this is done I will pull fabrics!
I lost .6 this have had a loss for the past seven weeks.  That is great for me at this stage of the game. I am going to hit it hard again this week and try to keep to my pound a week so I can get to onederland!


Vireya said...

Your Garden Party looks terrific!

I'm excited about the new mystery, too. I'm trying to get all my Wild & Goosey sashing done before the new mystery. And a couple of other projects I need to complete. November could be a busy month.

All the best for your pound off this week!

Summer said...

All the best with losing the pounds! I am on a weight loss challenge too☺ Nice quilting ♥

The Joyful Quilter said...

Such good progress (and it looks AMAZING!!!)

Kevin the Quilter said...

Andee, Andee, how does your garden grow? Evidently with a stash kitty? LOL It's looking great!

Andra Ridout said...

Gorgeous quilt, Andee!!!! lots of work in there. Can't wait to see it finished!