Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend Sewing--Got more blues!

 Did my two light blue Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks and am linking up with Angela's blog.  Woven fourpatches above and Ohio Crossroads (or Backroads as I call it since I turned a four patch!) below.

 I also made up the rest of the Talkin' Turkey geese.  These blocks should whip up a bit faster now!  There will be a total of 24 of them.
 I also did my Wild and Goosey this week.
 And I put them all down (two rows are not attached by the rest is all one piece) and Bug had to check them out.  One more block and this might be done.  Not sure yet.
 Finished off a few more knitted dishrags.  I really like making these.  I really wish I would get back to the socks...dug them out and thought about it, but I am not sure yet.
 And Bug had to pose on top of the quilt that Kathy was under on the couch tonight.  Kathy got sunburned at our Father's Day party at my brother's house.  We both put on sunscreen..I put it on my about three times and only have a little red.  Kathy hasn't been feeling well since about 3.  It was a great day to be out by the pool even if it was 115.  Key is drinking lots of water and plenty of pool time!
We are going to Rocky Point next weekend (then back home a few days) then back up for a long forth of July weekend.  Mom and Dad will stay the whole time and my siblings will be up on the weekends.  Really looking forward to it...been packing like mad because I work 12 hours days this week and know I will be running out of time.  Working at the crack of dawn tomorrow so I better get myself to bed (as if I could sleep at 9:30 PM!) Night owl here!  Kathy is already out!


Sheila said...

All beautiful blocks, Andee! Hope Kathy will be okay. A sunburn coupled with being out in 115 heat is hard on a body. Wild and Goosey us looking great! A colorful Talking Turkey is on my bucket list now.
Those knitted dishcloths are very addictive.
Have a good week. Stay outa the sun.

Marly said...

Nice blocks Andee; you've got a lot done this week. I love the fabrics you've used in the woven squares.

Deb A said...

Yikes - hope all the sunburn is behind you and K is feeling better. Try power zero (no calories) to get the electrolytes back. Those wild and goosey look great. I really need to go make that last sampler block....

scraphappy said...

Busy busy. Hope you get some rest too though.

The Joyful Quilter said...

OnWild and Goosey is going to be FABULOUS!!! One of these days I'm going to HAVE to make one of those... maybe one day SOON!! :o))