Friday, June 5, 2015

Shelves, Backings, Organization, and a Finish!

After a few years of waiting, Kathy finally had the time to make me a huge shelf on wheels!  I painted it turquoise.  You can see it is in a little nook that opens into my quilting studio (loft) and directly across from it is the guest bathroom(which the catbox is in since it is rarely used--thus the baby gate so the dogs can't get in it).  Next to it (covered by quilts) is a door that opens into the AC return.  I have to be able to get in that door to clean now and then (dust and dog hair) and when the AC folks come out.  So that whole nook area was wasted space and I tended to pile things up in there which was a pain if we did need to get in the door!  So now I have a shelf on wheels that I can roll out when we need to get in the AC door!  I wasted no time in reorganizing and filling the shelves either!  I used a dry erase marker to mark some of my bins (the others have post it notes inside the bins).  My modern fabrics fill an entire shelf and now I can actually see what I have!

Last Tuesday was the Nimble Thimbles meeting and we all turned in our star blocks.  Two gals won them..they really turned out great.  This month is red, white, and blue--will be fun to see how they turn out.  Would love to win so I have another QOV to donate so cross your fingers!
 We had a swap and sale meeting--I tried really hard to not even really look at anything because after my reorganization I discovered that I truly don't need anything!  I have full shelves all around.  However, one of the gals let me know that someone was selling six Happy Scrappy Houses from our Bonnie Hunter workshop.  At least I think they are from that day but in any event I had to save them!  Kathy and I did Halloween houses (and I actually need to decide if I am going to add to it or border it, would love to have it done for Halloween this year) so these won't go into that quilt, but maybe I will put them in the back or do another little quilt.  For two bucks they were a steal.
 I did get a chance to sew during the week this week too!  I made a backing for Classic Meets Modern (when I was reorganizing my shelves I picked out some bigger chunks of fabric that would make good backings--I think that is my least favorite part--making the backings!).
 I also made a GIGANTIC backing for Grand Illusion.  It is mostly teal but one strip of flaming fabric to make it big enough.  I need this quilt done before November when we do our next Kickoff party!

See what I mean about full shelves?  Many of those lights were in a bin and now that all my boxes are off the fabric shelf I got to folding them and getting them out where I can use them!
I got some outdoor pictures of Moth in the Window for Coleman and was very excited when an editor from Quiltmaker Magazine contacted me to put it on their facebook page!

Whoot whoot!
I also am still working on the weight.  I had a bad week last week and worked much harder this week to make up for it.  So 3.4 pound loss for a total of 92.8 pounds.  I did my first advanced Pilates jump class (15 minutes after a regular Pilates class) and I was able to get through it!  Really sore the next day but I went hiking (alone even) and did Pilates again the next day.  Today I rest and tomorrow Jump again.  :)


Mary said...

You've done a great job organizing your stash! Congratulations on getting your quilt published.

Scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful job organizing. Love that your quilt is getting published.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow!! Score all around... a finish, weight, and such a lovely organization job. Oh! And that bit about your quilt being posted on Quiltmaker's blog is WAY cool, too!! :o))