Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spending the Day with Quilty Friends!

 I met up with Ann, BJ and Andrea for sushi today (after Pilates) and had a dragon roll.  It was so gorgeous I took a picture!  It was delicious too--first time I tried black rice and I liked it fine.  This picture is of BJ and I--you may remember her from a few years back on my blog...she has lost over 120 pounds with Weight Watchers and really helped inspire me to just go for it!  She is a different person and is so much happier all around.  I love this lady and don't see her often enough!

 Andrea and BJ have become really close friends and we have always have a good time when we get together.  She is funny (so is Ann but she wasn't up for pictures!).

 On a whim after paling around with Andrea and BJ I texted Barb and asked her to come sew for a bit at my place.  She was up for it and we both made our block party BOM.  Here is mine.
And here is Barb's   We all got the focus fabric and put whatever we wanted with it.  Will be a colorful and fun quilt for whoever wins this month!
Barb helped me figure out the Math for the borders (though I still didn't get them quite to size)!  I did get the inner border and pieced border on and decided on the red for the outer border.  Hope to get that done tomorrow and the backing pieced...then I can cross it off my list!

 Barb stayed for dinner (beef roast, colorful carrots and potatoes in the crock pot) and we laughed and gabbed.  It was really a nice day with friends I don't see often and a little quilting.

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Scrappy quilter said...

It's always fun to quilt with others. Lovely blocks.