Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gnome Quilts for the Loveseats are Done :)

 I got in the Spring cleaning mode this past weekend in anticipation of my best friend from high school coming to visit in a few weeks!  We rearranged the living room and dusted, mopped, in and around and behind and below everything.  I am sure new dust and doghair is already forming but it still needed to be done!  You can see my bike there in a new spot and I am still getting on it--now for 30 mintues, but not regularily enough.  Will try to reapply myself!
Barb  quilted my gnome quilts and I got them bound over the weekend too.  I didn't do much for sewing, did some cutting and bound these two quilts and that was it.  I also cleaned the kitchen and fridge which needed it. 

 Now you can see the quilts on the loveseats.  It was time for some newer small quilts..we wash them every week because with five dogs...ugh!  Anyways the two I have been using have seen better days!
The other thing I have been doing lately is reading.  Just finished this one last night, and have read several books that inspired Downton Abbey as well.  I also finally finished Bag of Bones by Stephen King which I was listening to forever--not as scary or as good as his usual tales, but I like to listen to books while I sew since I seem to never make enough time to read! 

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Candace said...

Your quilts are very cute. They remind me of some quilts that I did recently, but mine aren't finished.
Same 3 framed tall panels though, just different fillings. Mine are just coins.