Thursday, December 30, 2010

NYE Mystery 2010, Designer Mystery BOM and Fabric Gifts

This is last month's Designer Mystery BOM Block Six "Hung by the Fire" designed by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson of and it went together fairly well. I still have one more to go (it is in progress) and I am sure the next one will be arriving soon--don't even ask what step I am on on Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll (Two, haha) and yes I am still assembling the last block on Carolina Crossroads too. I am so far behind but I no longer think I am first! I work quite a bit next week so don't think I am catching up anytime soon. Oh well, there is always summer, right?

This gorgeous fabric was on my wish list for Christmas and I was lucky enough to get it! I love the colors and can hardly wait to bust it open! It is by Moda and is called Basic Grey Origins.

Kathy's fabric choices for Ann B. Smith's NYE Mystery 2010.

My fabric choices for the same mystery. You may notice that the circus fabric is the same one Kathy used in the last year mystery...I decided to go ahead and use it again this year because we have a hunk of it left and because we are doing crib size quilts this year. DJ will be joining us for the day and we will teach her some about sewing, ironing and mystery quilting so we didn't want to stress about keeping up and we didn't really need two more lap size quilts this year so crib size it is. Seems we can always come up with babies to give quilts to.
So yesterday we got everything cut and marked. Or Kathy cut it all cut and I got it all marked. We are all set for tomorrow. We even have our burgendy beef roast and crock pot all set and just about ready to go. It will make for a really nice New Year's as always.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh boy oh boy----the cut up pieces look fun and amazing for the NYE mystery! I don't think I'll be jumping in, but I'll be watching your progress! ;0)