Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Christmas

Dj and I went to Zoolights with Stephanie, Butch and Kari this year just before Christmas. The batteries in my camera were not charged (don't ask it was a busy day!) and so we were stuck using our cell phones for pictures and mine had gunk in the lens so the pictures were this is about the best picture we have from Steph's phone and it isn't that great, but we did have a great time!
My favorite part is the musical coordination of the lights and the Christmas tunes. All the gals I was with were Deaf and they were equally (or almost equally) impressed by this section of trees.

My daughter Hannah wasn't with us for Christmas this year, but she sent thsi lovely Packer gnome which was a big hit with me! You can also see I have lost almost fifty pounds in this picture (with plenty more to go, but I am off to a good start).
Kathy got me lots of great presents..most of which I had requested and she had bought before we broke up. She wound up moving out on Christmas Eve day...and took Joe and Rosey with her, but she spent most of the day celebrating the holiday with us and came back Christmas Day for several hours too. She moved in with a co-worker and we will stay good friends and see how time changes us. Kathy gave me lots of fabric and a book to help me with teaching interpreting. And of course she got me a Nook which I really love. I have already started reading Marlee Matlin's new book "I'll Scream Later."
Randy got me a quilting book I didn't already have, an illustrated "Life of Pi" book which is cool.
This picture is of me with the musical snow globe that DJ got me. She had it engraved to say "I gave my heart to you, November 17, 2010" which means alot to me. She put a lot of thought into it! She also got me this perfume I wanted "Sadie" and ordered me a book from Weeks someone there had to take a video relay call :) Very cool.
Christmas Eve we had Jade, Daisy and Felina over (all Deaf) to have enchiladas, and red rice and such and exchange gifts. It was really nice and Jade gave me a gorgeous green cover for my Nook that says "choose an author as you choose a friend" on it. It is perfect. Daisy got me a lotion that smells really nice too. They were good company and a nice break...I guess my family got together at my brother's house. He did text and ask me to come a few hours before it started. But we didn't go. Mackenzie flew in Thursday before Christmas so it was nice to have both my "boys" here for the holidays.
They spent some time with their Uncle Sam and cousin Christopher (who turned 21 today) on Christmas snapped this pic of them with cousin Ben and Uncle Sam today. (Left to right...Mac, Ben Sam, Coleman) what a good looking bunch of men!
I haven't done any sewing at all...none. at. all. Kathy and I still planning to do NYE mystery. Will get together on Wed to get fabric picked out and cut....I miss it, I miss sleep too.


Linda said...

The lights on the tree are awesome even on a cell phone picture! Congratulations on your weight loss-It is the hardest work anyone has to do! I am glad you were able to spend time with your boys. Take care! Keep us posted on your new projects!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Mmm....not sure what to comment on first; you certainly shared a post full of love and great times!!!!

But, that Packer gnome....that has to be close to the top of the list for me :p (although you may find the globe to be the best}

I'm assuming you're on vacation this week? Enjoy your time to its fullest!!!!

Roslyn said...

Great job on the weight loss, Andee! Keep it up, you'll get there.I am happy to know you are getting back to your quilt sewing, I go into withdrawal without that!
BJ & I are sewing all day NYE too, going to to make a crockpot of soup!
Did you blog your fabrics yet?