I have enough machines now that I thought I should keep track of them.  My very first machine was a JCPenney 12 stitch that I got when I was 20 years old.  I regret getting rid of it after I got my second machine which was a Janome.  That machine was the exact same one that my Grandma Nan had (which my cousin has now) but mine was a lemon!  I had nothing but problems with the darn thing and eventually got rid of it.  Here are the machines I have now:
My Singer featherweight--it has a case and runs like a dream.  I absolutely love sewing on her and she is light enough to haul around.  She is usually my traveling machine and often gets to go to quilt camp.

I couldn't pass up this sewing machine and cabinet from my sister's friend for 15 bucks. It still needs a tune up, but it has the book and attachments, we actually use it as our cutting table.  One year we will get this one and running. I need to ask my sister for her friend's gma's name so I can name her that!

 The machine Kathy most often uses when she travels to sew is our Brother.   This machine has lasted far longer than we thought it would!

I need to take better pictures of my Viking Husquavarna machine.  This is the one I bought with some of my inheritance money from my dad.  I love her and she does embroidery (though I haven't done much with that) but she is too heavy to haul anywhere. She is mostly hanging in the closet these days.  I should get her out and learn embroidery on her.

 This past summer while in Hayward, Wisconsin we bought this machine for my birthday for 35 bucks.  It is a Singer 99.  It came with the wrong manual for a 101, but upon looking up the serial number I discovered it is a June 12, 1934 Singer 99.  Bonnie told me the "pin rash" was from someone attaching a rag to the top of the machine and then repeatedly putting her pins back in the rag til the machine got a rash.  I can only imagine all the things this baby has sewn.  I decided to name her Martha after my Grandma Char (that was her nickname some people called her) because the reason I fell in love with this machine was the case that reminded me of my Grandma Char's old machine.

 My grandmother had a machine that looked alot like this when I was a girl.  No one in the family seems to know who wound up with it though at one point my mom had it.  It I can't have her machine I decided this one would do!  She is so beautiful and after paying 109 bucks for a tune up she runs like a top!
I need to come up with names for the rest of them too.  Kathy just got her mom's machine serviced and I need to get photos of that too--She is calling that one Margerie after her mother!
In Dec. 2014 we were alerted to a vintage Singer at the Chandler Savers thanks for Lori on Quiltville's Open Studio. (There was also a Spartan in a cabinet that almost came home with us, but she was gone when we went back to get her). She is a pretty machine and her case is in great shape!
She came with a knee pedal which has exposed wiring and isn't attached to the plug that the machine and light plug into. That is okay, we knew she would need to visit Mr. Sew and Vac--after the holidays though!

I have never seen a machine with plugs like this coming off of it.  

This is her serial number--I struggled trying to look it up because I wasn't sure if that second character was a number or a letter! I posted to QOS to ask the experts and was told by more than one person that is a zero so "G0339720" is the number. I have used the Singer online search to find my other machines but this one was tough because of the 0/O issue.  We decided she is from Sept. 6, 1923 and is one of 10,000 and is a 99.  Kathy named her "Marge" after her mother and this is her go to machine.
Latest edition is 185J in green from Singer! I bought her from my friend Barb.  She sews great but then her belt new belt is on order.  Naming this one Olive.  

November 2016 I had to have a Bernina.  I was sewing with Barb and pulled up Craig's list and found one--an Activia 230!  So we drove to Peoria and picked her up from a pawn shop.  She is in great shape and came with a case, CD, book, embroidery foot and all the parts to run her.  She was missing her quilting foot and walking foot, or any others and only had one bobbin, but we will remedy all that soon.  Barb cleaned her out and showed me how and gave me the basics of what does what on her.  We decided to name her Johnny 5 after the Short Circuit smart robot thought that made me think of Wall-E and then Bern-E but Johnny 5 she is.

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Feathers in my Nest said...

Beauties!! Is the Aqua $15 machine a Necchi?! how fun..I also have a 1925 Singer 99-13 that I Love, also came with the Singer Bentwood case..and a model 66 manual..she's a Honey.

Debra in Ma.