Wednesday, June 21, 2017

March Sewing I Kept Mum

This morning I was cleaning out my emails when I found several pictures I had sent to myself in March (my dropbox is full so that is how my pictures get put on the blog) and in searching the blog I guess I never posted them!  So here are a few of the things I didn't mean to keep mum about sewing in March!

If I already did blog about this, I cannot find it but I am only on my first cup of coffee so...I had to make this block so I could complete this Tula Pink Stacks top.  I won the blocks at Nimble Thimbles  awhile back but did not have the right fabric to complete it..the other winner shared it with me later on and then it just hung out waiting.  It is all ready to be quilted, might have to talk Barb into doing it...too big for me!
 I also finished putting together the 35th Ave BOM so I can send it to Alycia.  I made a backing and binding too. Barb's joined it (I did blog about hers) and Kathy is almost done with hers so all three will go out together once Kathy is done.  Hopefully they will make some veterans feel our support!

 This is the March block for Pat Sloan's Children's Library BOM.  I have been keeping up on the blocks, just not the blogging about it!
My video relay interpreting job update.  So the company I work for bought out another company and I won't get into the reasons they are telling us versus the reasons we suspect, but they are shutting down all the Arizona centers on July 15th.  So since that is my main income in the summer that was a shocker.  Quite a few interpreters are scrambling to find other work.  I have applied for another high school teaching position...HR has my stuff and if the negotiations go well as far as money, I will accept the job.  I am kind of excited about it though my last high school teaching job was hell.  I do not think I was ready to go from University students to high school students at the time.  I have now taught community college and my expectations are more in line than they were!  Cross your fingers something works out for me please!
Yes it is about 120 degrees here in Arizona.  I have been grabbing all the hours I can get at my job before it shuts down, so today I will do the second nine hour day this week. It is not a nine hour type job...most people come in for two to four hours because it is so demanding.  I will be happy when today is over!
In better news, Barb is coming to sew tomorrow and I do not work at all tomorrow!  I plan to get borders on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler from 2015. Then I want to get a backing made so I can cross it off my list.  After that maybe back to my latest March on Green Bay Packers quilt.


Vireya said...

Sorry to hear about your job. Best wishes for finding something else.

120 is hot hot hot. Hope you can stay inside and sew rather than having to go out in that.

Kathy S. said...

Sorry to hear about your job. I have been working as a substitute teacher for two school years now. I LOVE it! It works great with my quilting schedule. It works great with my family schedule. Glad to see you working on your RSC Sampler. I was glad to get that one into a quilt this year. LOVE your connecting blocks the way they were supposed to be. Good luck with the new prospect job. I'm sure you will do great.