Saturday, March 11, 2017

Goodbye Michelle

In about 1994 I met a fabulous woman named Michelle in my American Sign Language 2 class at Phoenix College.  She was my mother's age but we hit it off right away.  She was very motivated to learn sign (and at the time wanted to be an interpreter) as was I, she was a mother of two and her older son was Deaf and had multiple disabilities.  We had so much in common that even when I moved away we kept in touch.  When I visited I would see her.  She took me to Deaf Day at the Renaissance Faire for the first time (pic below). 
 I learned in early December that Michelle was on home hospice.  She had always had many chronic health issues mostly related to her lungs and was in and out of the hospital often.  I was so shocked to hear she was on hospice. I went to see her on Dec. 5th.  She was on oxygen but looked so good.  I thought we had plenty of time to get together.  We spent a few hours mostly talking about quilting...funny enough Michelle and I both became quilters independently and we have never sewn together.  She shared all her quilts with me and this one was my absolute favorite.
 This is the pattern for reference because if her daughter cannot find the original for me to buy I may have to make my own. 
So the weekend that I was in the hospital with my gallstone issues I found out Michelle had taken a turn for the worse.  She passed away before I could get to see her though her daughter gave her my love while I was on the phone.  I will miss her always and am grateful for my own good health (other than the migraines).  They are selling the house and most everything in it so her daughter let me know I should come and go through her things.  I found these four blocks and put them into a little top already.  So sweet.

I am so happy to have this sewing box that was hers.  I have always wanted one for my living room and this one will always be special to me.  It had a tiny rotary cutter pin it in so I put that on my guild name tag so Michelle's spirit will come to Nimble Thimbles with me.
 I also bought her magazine rack.  My great grandparents had one and it is one of those things I have always wanted.  Love it and will never part with it!
 I also bought her quilt rack.  I do not have one and this one displays quilts really nicely.  The quilt on the front was made by Michelle too.

Of course I did get some fabric and sewing odds and ends too.  I hope Michelle is smiling down to see her things being used and loved.  I will be sewing with Michelle for awhile--with her things anyway--wish we could have had that sew day. 

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