Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Schnibble Progress, Bluework and a Quilt History Block

I made a bunch of flying geese for my Schnibbles pattern. Once I got the hang of their plan I was really liking it...you start out with a large square and put two smaller squares on it sew, cut and add another small square to each cut and come out with four geese for each large square I believe (I did this last week and already forgot!) then I took them to my sister's house to trim since I was hanging out there Saturday and most of them were good, but I have a good handful that look awful! I caught the fabric in the top of the triangle and so you can see the back of part of it or something...some I just ripped and pulled out the bad piece no big deal, but some of them need a bit more help....so later on I will be having a flying geese clinic in my sewing room to fix the injuries! I am not sure if I was messing up when I started before I had the hang of it, or randomly here and there, but I think I prefer my Eleanor Burns rulers and doing it her way!
This is the September quilt history block (ya, I know you haven't seen August's yet...I had some difficulties with it--don't ask it has been a hell of a month and I bought a second kit to redo it, will detail that when I get it done) This block is in last month's Fon's and Porter Love of Quilting I believe in Roy's article. We reproduced one of the samples he had in the magazine since it is from our time period. This one was a little hard for me on the last two strips...sigh, it has been a month.

Did get some bluework done at my sister's too...this one I dragged around so long there is stuff on the block...I washed it by hand and now it looks worse, will take some time to soak it later.

This one is a little happier than the last bluework picture. I have one to go and I am caught up to what I have been given!
Went to the quilt store and out to lunch with my sewing and online quilting friends B.J. and June. We had fun chatting since we hadn't all been together in months! Time just gets away from us. Should be about three weeks til we all meet again when another online friend comes to visit (Nancy I met her last year!) and we all plan to have lunch and all that again. They helped renew my soul today with hugs, talking about quilting, sewing, machines, fabric, etc.--all the stuff that seems to bore my other friends!

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